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Classified Rules - Updated June 4, 2014

This area is strictly for members to buy and sell cars, parts, and other merchandise. No corporate or shop advertising / sales by non club sponsors will be allowed to be posted here. Any member consistently posting parts, cars, car care services, or offering to part out cars in the Classifieds may be seen as offering a "professional service" and will be required to either limit such activity or become a paid supporting sponsor of the NJFBOA. Members may list items for sale that belong to family and / or friends. The member who lists the item(s) must be able to answer basic questions about the item(s), and serve as a point of contact throughout the transaction. Also, we will not be editing or removing poor iTrader ratings if the person who the member is listing the item(s) for does not provide a smooth end to the transaction.

No thread should be "bumped up" more than once during a 48 hour period. The only member that is entitled to bump the thread will be the member that posted the ad. All responses must be directly related to buying/selling the item(s) being offered in the original post. All threads will be locked after 4 weeks of inactivity.

DO NOT post in someone's ad to criticize pricing or item description. That should be kept to a private message. If you feel that a particular ad posted is intentionally misleading, please report the thread and explain your reasoning. This is done by clicking on the Report Post icon (the red triangle with an exclamation point) found underneath the person's username and avatar.

All items listed for sale must have an asking price included in the initial post. The asking price must be an actual dollar amount. Posting an item without a price and just asking users to make offers is not permitted. Do not lowball even to be funny.

This is not a place for eBay links to be left open. If you have an item you are selling on eBay and you would like to offer it locally, state that the item is also listed for local sale in your auction description and include the eBay link and asking price in the initial post.

All users will be required to have 50 posts or six months of membership on the board before using the Classifieds Forum. Excessive meaningless posting to reach the required minimum post count will not be tolerated.

Sales are to be held privately between buyer and seller. The club does not take any responsibility for the actions of anyone participating in transactions here.

All posts made in the Classifieds Forum WILL NOT count towards your overall post count.

If you have any questions about these rules, please contact a moderator or admin via PM.

Please note that inappropriate posts in this section may be deleted with no notification to the user.

NOTE: Once you hit 50 posts or 6 months, There is a program that runs several times a day to check for post counts of 50 or more. You will not have access to the Classifieds the second you hit 50 posts, but you should within a few hours. It is not immediate.

Classified threads lock automatically after 30 days of inactivity.
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