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General Forum Rules


• Respect for other members
- No personal attacks or otherwise acting like a fool.
- No racial, anti-Semitic or other hate/offensive speech will be tolerated.
- No physical threats towards other members.
• No threads about politics, religion, the death penalty or abortion
- Why not? Because these discussions always start out well enough, moderate and civil, but cue a couple of bad apples or offensive statements (whether they were meant to be or just interpreted as such) and the condescension begins. Feelings get hurt, attitudes flare, true colors come on display. We do not need that here; plenty of other websites exist for such discussions.
• Nothing illegal
- No discussions advocating street racing, use of illegal drugs, stories of underage drinking, etc.
• No profanity, nudity, risqué pictures, etc.
- Not really hard to understand. Don’t circumvent the word censor either.
- This includes pictures, links, signatures, avatars, etc.
• Grow up, no drama
- Take your drama somewhere else. No one cares. Attention whore whine fest threads like you’re all meanies so goodbye, that member is a wiener, I’m drunk, the mods are the 2nd coming of a group that killed millions of innocent people, it’s been 37 minutes why hasn’t anyone answered my tech question, etc., are unwanted. No whining about Johnny Law. Save your drama for your momma.
- While we allow members of any age, this is first and foremost a car forum. Threads that members deem childish will be axed. This includes post whoring and excessive stupid/useless posts.
• Tech is for tech
- Do not off topic post in tech threads.
- In general please post in the appropriate forum. Don’t post tech questions in the Lounge, etc. Also try to basically stay on topic regardless of forum.
• Respect for Sponsors/Vendors
- Our sponsors also help keep the lights on, so to be fair to them there will be no non-sponsor advertising allowed. No trolling for paid work via the forum or the PM system. Don’t make $$ on the club’s dime. The leash on this is very short.
- No Sponsor or Vendor Bashing. This also means non-NJFBOA sponsors. This may better fall under the no drama rule. You have better had tried to resolve whatever your issue was other than an email or PM. Telephones still work. Personal visits work ever better. And you better be able to back up your assertions. Expect moderation.
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