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BonzoHansen 09-09-2019 09:14 PM

NJFBOA update 9/9/19 – DragWeek at Atco, Duke Island BBQ
**September 2019 Meet- Duke Island Park

Wild Bill is handling the grill. Check the forum for the details

**Drag Week his Atco

A number of members will be going out to watch the crazy spectacle that is Hot Rod Drag Week. Wednesday 9/11 @ Atco Raceway.
Gates open at 6:30 am Wednesday morning 9/11
Racing is from 8 AM - 2 PM
Spectators $20 per person

**QuickJack on sale – what do you think?

**Help Dave go fast!

** October 2019 Meet-Sat 10/19 Flemington Speedway Historical Society Show, Lambertville
A fantastic show to close out the year.

** Drag racing still lives in NJ
And just a reminder, drag racing still lives in NJ at Island Dragway and Atco.

**Put your flag on the NJFBOA Member Location Map

****We need you!****
To come out to meets. To jump on the forum and say hello. To spread the word. Get involved.
A lot of folks check the site, even daily, but never post up. Make your presence known!
And we are on Facebook! Post up there if that’s your thing.

*** Want to help by organizing a future monthly meet?
Let us know! Don’t just stand on the side pointing out what we should do, get involved and do it! PM BonzoHansen, WildBillyT or Jersey Mike for details.

2019 dates are starting to appear. Have something you want to add? Post it on the forum and we will add it to the next newsletter.


Sun 9/29/19-24th Annual North Brunswick PBA Cops & Rodders Car Show

Sat 10/5/19 New Providence PBA Car Show
Here's a great show for folks to attend. Run by long time member Joey D. You north guys ought to take some time to attend.

Sat 10/19/19 Flemington Speedway Historical Society Car show

Sat 11/2/19 Flemings Pumpkin Run

2019 Blue Moon Kruizers 2018 Rt 9, Howell
As always 1st & 3rd Saturdays May-Oct


If you want any club stuff send Mike (Jersey Mike) a PM on the site for help! We still have pint glasses, shirts and stickers. http://www.njfboa.org/forums/showthread.php?t=67202

******CLUB SPONSORS******

We would like to thank our sponsors and ask for your continued support of our club sponsors. If you have a question or a need, please give them a call and tell them you're from NJFBOA. Support the companies that support the NJFBOA.

CTW Motorsports - www.ctw-motorsports.com
EFX Tuning - www.efxtuning.com
JS Performance - www.JSSpeedAndCustom.com
Island Dragway - http://www.islanddragway.com - Our ‘home track’
SEMA-SAN - http://www.semasan.com – Get involved!

If you or anyone you know would like to sponsor NJFBOA please contact us.

Thanks again for all of your support and for continuing to spread the word about the New Jersey F-Body Owners Association. The best Camaro and Firebird club in NJ!

Don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook!

Find us on Instagram!

*****Club Fliers*****
Club Fliers - Keep some in the car, hand them out!!!!

First up is a simple one. 2 per page = less printing, less cost, less space in the car. You just have to slice them up yourselves.

Here is the current full-page flier

Thanks for your support.

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