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Good news, I spoke to Corvettes of Westchester and he said he does do LT1s. I'm going to try to get over there later this week and see what happens.

Originally Posted by madness410 View Post
out of curiousity why did tune time tell you no
I said "I have a 95 LT1 Camaro, can you tune it?" and they said "We can't, not if you don't have an LS swap." and then hung up.

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I'm sure you don't want to spend the money but another option is to convert to another PCM (0411 LS1, Holley). Plenty of folks around to tune those systems.
I've considered doing that if my opti goes out (again).

Originally Posted by LTb1ow View Post

This guy seems to be the guy these days
That looks like a good option except he's in Oklahoma.

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Years back, Bryan Herter at PCM For Less dyno tuned my 95 at what is now PSR Performance in Pottstown, PA. Might be worth reaching out, website didn’t have much info.
I'll try asking them if CoW doesn't work out. I've read a lot of posts that Herter tunes LT1s and a lot more saying he doesn't do it anymore.

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