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12's in my bolt on s2k

I haven't been on in a while and figured I'd post my run from last season.

In car audio

Between the 40lb lighter wheel/tire setup, plus switching out the stock transmission for a 04-09 s2k trans (4% lower gearing 1st thru 4th) or almost the equivalent of going from 4.10 gearing to 4.30, I think mid 12s could be possible.
2001 Corvette, Bolt ons , tuned 10.75@124.56 mph 1.38 60' Sold

2003 Honduh S2000 intake/exhaust/tuned by me via AEM EMS2
12.88 @ 108.39 mph 1.87 60'

1997 Saturn Sc1 5spd DOHC swapped
Bolt ons, decked head, stock intake cam on exhaust side, lotsa weight redux
13.22@102.32 mph 1.93 60'
12's on moda? One day
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