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Feb 2018 Meet - Sat 2/24 Hot Rods BBQ In Wharton, NJ

When: Saturday 2/24 *Rain or Shine*
Time: 1pm
Where: Hot Rods BBQ
175 N Main St, Wharton, NJ 07885

Dave (IROCZman15) is running this meet for us. Sounds like a good place to us!

Originally Posted by IROCZman15
solid menu of sandwiches, meals, and home cooked BBQ. Slammin' large wings, many flavors, great variety of beers on tap etc. It will be after football season on a Saturday or Sunday so the place shouldn't be too crowded. It is not as big of a space as BWW, but I know it can accommodate our group. also, it is a hot rod car guy kinda theme to it.
NOTE: the restaurant is not very large. If we get a large number of folks we may need to move to BWW in Rockaway.

You in?
  • Dave - IROCZman15
  • omarcamaro
  • ar0ck
  • UBG (maybe)
  • Blackbirdws6 +1*
  • The_Bishop (likely)
  • RiggsLW81 (maybe)
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