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Carlisle Chevrolet Nationals 2018

Hello All,
I will be there Saturday as a Guest Judge and will be on the lookout for a Third Gen to give my award to. I know the Camaro Nats is the same weekend in MD, but for those of you who haven't decided on which one to go to yet, PLEASE try to attend Carlisle.
The Carlisle Staff has been doing a PHENOMENAL job refining this event since it began as it was previously the GM Nationals, and it's considered one of the best in the country (Chevrolet brings their cars and Engineers here for a reason and last year there were over 1500 GM cars and trucks in the show field!
Unfortunately the Third Gen turnout isn't as large as the other Gens, so I'm putting this out there to hopefully entice my fellow Third Gen Owners to show up.
For those of you who are not familiar with the Guest Judge Award (Carlisle calls us Celebrity Judges), Carlisle invites a group of people to attend a luncheon and then immediately after pick ANY car from the show field to AUTOMATICALLY WIN an award for whatever reason that particular judge finds to be worthy. This is NOT a scored or points based judging, but totally subjective based on each persons criteria. I look for original and survivor Third Gens but others look for custom and modified and not just Camaros. The Chevrolet Camaro Engineers are judges as well, and if you ask me getting an award from one of those guys (and girls) would be better than any award I got from checking off the scorecard boxes. And since there's only about 30 or so judges looking at the ENTIRE field, this award is even more desirable to shoot for. Its one award per judge and one award per car.
IMHO this is THE award to get because you're not trying to beat any other car or criteria and youre not outclassed by the best of the best in your category. Last year I gave my pick to a BEAUTIFUL 89 IROC and I can GUARANTEE that as long as there is at least one SUPER CLEAN and ORIGINAL Third Gen in the field, that car will be getting my award. If not, I'm going to where it all began and picking a First Gen because there never a shortage of those. I'm hoping some of you will bring your cars there and make my job a little more difficult.
If anyone is attending, let me know.
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