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Adjustable or programmable fan controller

Anyone know of a fan controller that is programmable to lower thresholds than a typical gas engine runs? Most controllers have on temps around 160 degrees and off 180-220 ish, but I am looking to use it in a different way, I want to cycle the grid heater in the diesel kind of like the computer on the 12 valve does, comes on at anything below ~100-130 and off around that temp.

I was thinking I could use a fan controller or coolant switch with a NC relay, so the circuit would be closed when the controller is "off" and the grid heater would be on a timer that would cycle it on an off during warmup, and when the fan controller is above that temp it would open the relay and shut the timer off and stop cycling the heater.

I don't need/want the grid heater to cycle all the way up to ~160 though. Anyone have any idea's? If not I will just use the timer and a momentary switch to cycle it manually when it is really cold.
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