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2010 CTS Sport Wagon RWD Performace 3.0V6

I'm probably better off selling this car now that my new one will be here in a month or so.

Please read everything.

First off, the car has a rebuilt title. Seems to be from a deer hit. I have original pics of the damage. Mainly, passenger fender/headlight/bumper/hood were damaged. Passenger fender was repaired, the hood was left untouched and is slightly, about 1/2" bowed up over the passenger headlight. Headlight and front bumper were replaced. Repairs to the fender were poor and stuff needs to be aligned better. I bought a used replacement hood and fender, both in factory silver too. Upper tie bar is pushed back a little and to be fixed right needs to be pulled forward some or replaced. Its actually surprising how little structure is up top behind the headlight. I may purchase the new upper tie bar and passenger support from GM and throw it in.

Has a random CEL for p0017, commonly pointing to a stretched timing chain. So yes, it probably needs timing chains done. Previous owner also said possibly a head gasket. However, I have found NOTHING pointing to needing a head gasket. There was an exhaust leak on the passenger side down pipe, right by the head gasket that maybe the mechanic thought the gasket blew out. Either way, I removed the pipe and welded it up. No more leak there. I will also be adding dye to the coolant to inspect for any external leaks, just to rule that out. No white smoke, no sweet smell from exhaust, no milkshake oil, no misfires, no overheating. Drove over 400 miles so far.

Could probably use new front tires soon.

Mileage is low at just under 86k. Car is fully loaded. No sunroof(they leak anyway). Heated/ventilated seats, navigation, adaptive xenon headlights(they turn), power rear hatch.

Silver ext, black leather interior.
Some wear on the side of the console.
Driver door pull is broken up front, but i may get around to fixing it soon anyway.

Right now, I'm asking $4,600 Firm.

Pretty much almost what I have into it now.

If I fix all the little things and do the timing chains, price will go up to $8k.
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