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Originally Posted by transmaro93 View Post
its just ridiculous at all that this is being proposed. I doubt it will pass as currently written if at all. This country is really starting become a buzzkill with attacking hobbies and pastimes that have made this country great for so many years. Not to mention the youth aspect of kids getting into cars and racing and modding. If you spend all your money on car parts as i know i did and most of you when you were young it didn't leave much left for drugs or booze or what ever other demons are troubling the youth today (sex changes) i don't know... lol again i don't see this as passing as its written. how come the current emissions regulations aren't good enough? if car doesn't pass no sticker... done deal no?
the EPA is a useless organization... they think that gas guzzler taxes and premium fees will stop people from purchasing cars that are bad for the enviornment... truth is when people are spending that much to begin with they dont care about an extra couple of G's...

im only 28 but today's youth only cares about listening to ****** rap and doing heroin... dead ass i live in a middle class suburb and heroin is out of control... my dad grew up in the projects in brooklyn in the 70s and 80s and its the same **** he saw then but those people didnt know any better these people do...

U have no idea how many hypodermic needles we have seen walking our dog

if I ever have a kid boy or girl u bet ur ass they will be into cars because its a good clean hobby keeps your ass out of trouble...

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