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Minor update:

Pushed the car up the street from my house to my garage so i can start doing some stuff.

This week ill get the 6 speed stuff(Pedals, master, console, ect) out of the car and throw the A4 pedals in while im there. Still looking for a A4 center console if anyone got.

Also, i like the look of LT1 tails over LS1 tails so i scored a set of nicely tinted LT1 tails from Adam with a hand off from BLS, threw those on.

I swapped out the berger for a satin black one i had from a past car. I want to preserve the NBM one. Also Kirk was nice enough to gift me a gloss black one, so ill be tossing that on shortly just to compare how i like Blue vs Gloss vs Satin.

Didnt really "Clean" the car, but i hosed off the dust and dirt. Really like this color, and it looks purple in certain light which is perfect

Besides the huge cut out front grill area for the intercooler of past, theres a lot of spider cracks and what not, so ill have my eyes peeled for a NBM front bumper for the right price. If not ill deal with it.

Pics !

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