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I called Nyes racing engines today to ask Pat's thoughts. he agreed with me (and wretched73) that without a collector or y-pipe, the O2 sensor would be fooled and read crazy values, thus richening up the fuel mixture. This is what I thought also. It might be another week before the torque converter comes back, and before the transmission goes back in, so maybe I'll just bolt up the y-pipe, and the cat back exhaust and see if that changes how it runs and the rich air/fuel situation

Pat had the engine tuned up and the timing was set at the distributor (I have not checked anything with a timing light yet, but I will do so). I did try to make a "new run file" by setting the very basic parameters on the holley sniper in a new file, but did not get too into the setup/configuration just yet. before I do so, I should read and watch the setup tutorials.
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