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Talking Racewars IX Track Rental - Monday, Nov 11th 2019 - Official Thread

It is that time of year again. Good air will be here soon enough so come out to the 9th annual Racewars.


Atco Dragway
1000 Jackson Road, Atco, NJ

Rental Guidelines:

- Rental starts at 9:30AM and ends at 4:30PM
- No street tires for RWD/FWD cars. You must be running a drag oriented tire (Drag radial, slick, etc). AWD cars are welcome with street tires but must avoid the water box. If your AWD is spinning at the line, you may be asked to run outside the groove to prevent tearing up the track prep.
- $20 non-refundable per car deposit required ($400 total deposit required to book the date)
- $180 balance due at the rental per person/car CASH to Atco representative directly.
- 10 cars minimum required
- No walk-on racers. If you did not pre-pay the deposit, no racing.
- Proper safety gear required
- Food to be provided courtesy of the MD Sheds crew IF YOU ARE ROCKING ANYTHING WITH AN AMERICAN FLAG
- If the weather is poor, the rental will be rescheduled.
- A complete list of rental guidelines courtesy of Atco can be found here:

How do I sign up?
- Send me a PM and I will provide you with the PayPal address to send the deposit
- Please send the deposit AS A GIFT!. No money is being made here and all funds go to Atco.
- If you have a friend that wants to race, I will need their name, car and what tire they are running. Please do not have friends send me a deposit out of the blue.

What to expect when you arrive:
- Plan to arrive early!
- Different from years past, you will enter in from the main gate and park on the spectator side
- Find me so I can hand you a tech sheet. You will complete the tech sheet and when Atco comes to tech your car, you can pay him the balance owed ($180).
- Atco will give the green light when the track is prepped and ready to race. I always speak to them the day prior to make sure they are ready to rock as close to 9AM as possible. I also ask them to make sure the scale is on as well.
- The speed shop will be open for those that want to purchase race fuel or other items.

Racer List:
  1. BlackbirdWS6 - Brian - Paid
  2. LS1ow - Bearded Boy Wonder - Paid
  3. MDSheds_SS #1 - Paid
  4. MDSheds_SS #2 - Paid
  5. Featherburner - Paid
  6. Eric Mueller - 78 Chevy Malibu Red - Paid
  7. Osie Goodman - 95 Camaro - Paid
  8. Jeff Wilson - Paid
  9. Troy - 98 Z28 - Paid
  10. Jay Trembley - 85 Monte Carlo - Paid
  11. Dan Geraldi - 2010 CTSV - Paid
  12. LuvMyF8LWS6 (Melanie) - 02 Trans Am (one of them) - Paid
  13. Gilberto Maldonado - 2017 Camaro SS MotorFire - Paid
  14. KirkEvil - Minivan - Paid in Full
  15. DadsZ28 - Greg - Paid
  16. Georgios Papathan - 00 TA Silver - Paid
  17. McFlay - LS TA - Paid
  18. Manny McBride - 2010 Camaro SS - Paid
  19. Anthony Butala - 02 WS6 - Paid
  20. Alex Alterisio - 01 Z28 - Paid
  21. Transampete - 99 TA - Paid
  22. Frank - Ecoboost Nonsense - Not Paid
  23. Nishan - RS - Paid
  24. Eric Twaddle - 03 Evo - Paid
  25. Mark Clemente - 16 Camaro SS - Paid
  26. Dave @ EFX - G8 - Not Paid
  27. Jason Lord - McLaren MP4-12C - Paid
  28. Carl Mehaffey - 17 Mustang - Paid
  29. Nick Accardi - 05 Corvette - Paid
  30. Chad Lucas - LS Camaro - Not Paid

Please feel free to PM for deposit info and any other questions. Spectators are welcome and we encourage folks to make it to the meet. We had an excellent group last year and would like to see the same for 2019.

Please keep this thread clean so those interested can find the info they need easily.

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