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Front Suspension Concerns

With about 500 miles on my build, its time to address some small issues.

2000 Z28
-PA Racing Tubular K Member
-Spohn Adjustable Lower control arms(spherical rod ends)
-UMI Non Adjustable Upper Control arms(Poly)
-Strange Single Adjustable Coil overs w. #275 springs
-UMI Solid engine mounts
-No Front Sway Bar
-Stock upper control arm plates
-All Assembled with brand new hardware.

Driving on anything that isnt a perfectly smooth road or highway results in some TERRIBLE squeaks and creaks from the front end. I drove threw a cars and coffee this past weekend and i was getting a ton of looks, and im pretty sure it was bc my cars sounded like a creaky door and not bc there was a 4th gen on Hoosiers in a sea of McLarens.

Now is this creak and squeak just a "nature of the beast" kind of thing? This is my first car with "race" front end components, so its new to me. The car was aligned by a local racer(Carlos Sobrino for those familiar with NMRA Factory Stock ) and all adjustable points on both the front and rear were marked with paint marker, and nothing has backed out or loosened. The sound isnt a huge huge deal to me, but if you guys think something may be up or if there is anything i should look into/lube i want to know. I can deal with the sounds, i just dont want to be damaging anything.

Also when i hit anything with a bump more so than a manhole cover, it rattles the car pretty bad. I very loud sound from the front end. Almost like i bottomed out the shock. I have not touched the settings on the coil overs since taking them out of the box.
-2018 Ram 1500
-1999 Chevy Camaro Z28
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