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My issue was that there was no car that fit my needs and desires(backseat/v8/manual) The closest was a 2nd gen v or even a v wagon. But those cars are coming up on 10 years old or more. The wagons, only like 521 were manual so good luck, clean autos are bringing $55k minimum, and even the sedans with a manual are rare and pull a premium. Couldn't justify an out of warranty car for $40+k. With my boys, 7 with special needs and 4, I have no time to work on cars pretty much anymore so a project/build wasn't a preferred option, only a last resort. After the tree fell on my GTO, I thought about it for a few weeks, considered all my options, what i'd be happy with etc, and finally ordered the CT5V blackwing. That was in september. Dealer made no promise that gm would even take my order. On the cadillac website it even states "Extremely limited availability". Then, right before Christmas, the dealer told me my order finally got picked up for production and has a targeted build week of next week, 1/10/22. On the one caddy forum, there is an order tracker where some have been waiting since feb/march without their order getting accepted. Its a huge mess and getting a car is still not guaranteed. Those with either of the add on carbon fiber packages are having their orders skipped due to lack of availability of CF. Allocations and constraints are crazy. I opted for the base version, which is still basically fully loaded but chose not to get any additional CF, performance video recorder, carbon ceramic brakes, or upgraded seats. Plus, it kept the cost down. Being that I wasnt sure if they would even make enough cars, I bought a 2010 CTS V6 wagon in november and planned on a ls3/tr6060 build even though I knew it would take a long time and a custom build wasnt the smartest option for a practical daily driver, but I wouldnt have been happy with anything else. Now ill keep the wagon stock and probably use it as a beater/bad weather car and I can then sell the '05 honda odyssey which my sister in law gave us(200k+ miles).

As far as performance, I just wanted to add, a shop in MD installed a ported blower, an older style lt4 version on an auto ct5v blackwing and it dynoed around 650 wheel hp. Then it ran 10.99 at the track. That is with no tuning(tuners are still locked out as with the C8s, due to GMs "global B" architecture - aka digital security), just a blower swap and the stock tuning compensated, air/fuel ratio was right at 12.0 for the dyno run. The new blower used is already an upgrade so if a new one was ported, hp results should be even more.

Also, at one time, GM/cadillac said no more than 3000 blackwings (ct4v/ct5v combined) would be made. Its unclear if that was just for 2022 or ever. Either way, with production issues, and based on current vin numbers and builds, some don't think they'll even reach 1000 per model. Many who ordered the car may never even get it.

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