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1996 Trans Am for sale! - SOLD

The starter has seized its existence, so the car does not start anymore. If you want the car in this condition, feel free. However, I'm planning on fixing the starter, when I do the price will reflect repairs.

Well I'm putting up my 1996 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am for sale M6 w/ T/tops (Do NOT leak).

The price is 1800OBO, at the moment.

The car has 185xxx miles as it sits next to my house. Inspection is due in march of 2010.

Mods include:
Magnaflow C/B
Ram HDX clutch
Mad Z28 tune.
180 Tstat.

The bad.
The car has three codes right now. And I think the starter is about to go.
P0101 - The MAF has been replaced so this should not be a concern anymore.
AC/heat work, but they only blow on your feet and window. I never use them so it was never important to me, but I just remembered. There's suppose to be an easy fix on shoebox's website for this problem.

The opti was actually replaced last year, but I guess that wasn't good enough. (plugs and wires have about 20k on them.)

The wheels that come with the car are stockers that are pictured on the first image. Tires have ~5k on them, I used them as my winter tires, so they did not get much of a workout.

This is what it used to look like before the cat back.

This is as it sits right now (TT2's have been sold).

Ok, someone buy it - it will make a nice project car


Few people mentioned that they would like to see pictures of interior, and I promised to take some and post them today. So here they are, as I said there's nothing wrong with interior besides it being dirty....

No worries, I have the cigarette lighter, so there will be no hole there when you get the car.

There are no tears in the interior, as you can see. So you can even buy this car and part it out of you really wanna. I'm sure you will make your money back!!!

Someone asked about the paint, and I took some picture of "areas or concern". The paint overall is pretty good, its still shiny after you wash/wax it. But it does have some wear and tear, it is 13 years old after all.

Picture 1. When I bought the car this was there - I do not know what caused. It's about the size of a thumb tip (actually it fits there perfectly...) So it is not very big.

Picture 2. Some paint damage on the very bottom side of the bumper.

The rest of the car is fine. If you would like me to take a picture of anything else, just let me know.

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