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1978 TA gets some print in GM EFI / Timeless Muscle

Make some print! Met Rick in August 2015 who now runs Timeless Muscle / GM EFI online placation. Formerly editor of GM High Performance. After a few scheduling hurdles, we finally were able to get cooperative weather and do a nice photoshoot. A bit of the nitty gritty was omitted from the article to refrain from loosing readerís attention span, however, the article hits the main points and then some. This is the first time this car has been featured in print. Iím honored to have been selected.

Special Thanks to Joe Didario & Rick Seitz for setting up the photoshoot and writing/ publishing the article.

More pictures of the car. Will post some more when I get the photographerís proofs in hand soon:

For more info on the build of the car, check out the build thread:

More information on what my enjoyment has turned into.
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Nice! I just saw this on facebook
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Feather-light suspension, Konis just couldn't hold. I'm so glad I took a look inside your showroom doors.

Hey everybody, it's good to have you on the Baba-too-da-ba-too-ba-ba-buh-doo-ga-ga-bop-a-dop
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Yes!!! Larry your T/A is a beaut. Glad she's getting some well-deserved spotlight!

1995 Firebird... Stock-ish.
Originally Posted by LS1ow View Post
Good. He microwaved my phone 6 years ago, i hope his intake erupts.
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Beautiful car and well deserved recognition. Joe D. did the shoot for my bird's GM EFI feature.

I see some EFI mods are in the future but what else do you have planned?

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Good read, love your car!
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NJ Torque
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That is a pretty car! Congrats.
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Typo corrections:
Make = Made
placation = publication

Thanks all.
Car is currently EFI but I have a new system in the works. Its a GM base system but designed for the Pontiac engine. Other engines to follow hopefully.

Radiator will be replaced by a new one that is custom designed to maximize cooling and available space. A revised fan shroud to accompany the larger core is being made as well.

Those are the short term changes.

Long term changes would be some engine mods in prep for a potential twin turbo setup. This will be down the road.
A few other ideas I'm tossing around.
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Dude congratulations!

This is absolutely a NJFBOA member's car that deserves being featured...without a doubt. Well built, well styled; actually driven. badass man. Congrats again
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I tagged along on that shoot, naturally I had a camera. As some may have seen on Facebook, I've been sitting on them for some time. Editing now, and watch for more pics from me. Larry has a couple I gave him early on, but I'm working them over. I may have them up on Facebook soon enough.
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