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January Car of the Month Submissions

Anyone can post one picture of only their Camaro or Firebird in this thread.

Please include your name and a short paragraph (at least a few sentences) describing the mods done to the car and/or a short story about the car as well.

If this is not posted in this thread by the time voting begins, your car will not be included in the vote.

At the last week of the month we will post a poll that will last for one week and the winner will get to spend the following month showcased on the home page of the site. Past winning cars (regardless of ownership changes) will not be eligible to enter again for 12 months.

All submitted pictures should be a minimum size of 640 x 480, as this is the size of the image that will be posted on the home page. If you aren't sure of the size, post it up the largest image you have (within reason).

If you have submitted a car in the past, but were not selected as a winner, feel free to submit another pic. You can continue to enter each month until you win.

Please limit this thread to posts submitting pictures only. Comments and other chit-chat will be removed.

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2001 WS6 with a holy motor.
Two years ago I was at a dealership trying to finance a trans am for 17k with 96k on it(dumb yes) that I was head over heels for. Turns out I ended up buying the same car after seeing the paper work from when the previous owner bought it.
2001 Trans Am WS6 6 speed - forged 6.0 with a stock cam and a rough idle
1994 Trans Am GT 6 speed - (sold)
1987 Camaro Iroc-Z - flintstone car(sold)
1992 Camaro RS - slow 305 6 speed (sold)
Originally Posted by camaro2you View Post
What is a opti?
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my 95 camaro z28

67 Camaro RS
70 Camaro RS
95 Camaro Z28
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my 94 Z28 M6. mods in sig. ill try to get a better picture with the ZR1's before the voting

Im 16 and i bought this car, pay insurance, pay gas, and pay for mods all with my own hard earned money. Its also the fastest car in my school

1994 Medium Patriot Red Z28 6spd
370ci/Huron Speed T6 S480 ET-R HO
Originally Posted by Jersey Mike View Post
Originally Posted by WSex View Post
who is FFB?
An NJFBOA legend. Ask about him at the next meet.

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I'm Knipps and I do believe this is the first submission that was taken FROM SPACE. Other than that this is my driveway ornament. Hope you like it

Originally Posted by BonzoHansen View Post
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This is my 86 Trans Am. I got the car as a gift from my uncle in 2007 and restored it to its current condition. It took me almost four years only working on it on Saturdays as I was only a freshman in high school. I did all of the body and mechanical work myself besides painting. I learned a lot by trial and error and it is still not perfect but as a senior in high school it is my pride and joy and (in my and most others opinion) the best car there. And I can be proud by saying I did everything to this car.

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This my 98 z28 c-prepared autocross car. I have been autocrossing it for 9 years. I have done all the fabrication and work on the car myself. the only thing stock is the t56. car weighs 2995lbs, ls6w/ASA cam/specstg4 clutch,alum flywheel/3.73t2r diff w/moser axels/w adj rear roll center/ alum tubular rear control arms/ tubular front control arms w/custom koni coilovers/ carbonfiber/kevlar roof panel (not in pic) full rollcage built by me. The car is still driven on the street on a regular on a basis. MY name is Kevin so if your ever at an autocross stop by and say hi
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Rocky Villari

This is my 95 firebird. I got the car before i had my permit so i had something to get used to for driving. I've had it for 3 years now and i love it. Cars great for just going for a drive or having fun. T-tops are really awesome in my opinion and are cooler than most verts.
1995 Pontiac Firebird - V6 few mods

1988 Mustang - supercharged, heads/cam etc...

2012 Mustang - 5.0 6spd / 437rwhp 420trq

Originally Posted by LTs1ow View Post
Verts are gay and stalkers ride in them.

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Jeffrey Conover
1996 Camaro
Full suspensions mods, sitting on ZR-1 Replica rims (9.5F/11R) 98+ rear brakes, 4:10 gears, TA cover, Eibach springs w/ Bilstein shocks, custom road race exhaust, Pace setter headers, SLP CAI, A/C delete, Corbeau Race seat (Driver Side) SS wing, black tail lights and front turn signals, and GS dual red stripes

Anthony Davoli

Stock 98 Camaro, 3.8L V6, 5 Speed T-5, stock everything aside from an aftermarket radio. Equipped with the Y87 package, which comes with dual exhaust, a Torsen limited slip differential, and either 3.23 or 3.42 rear gears.

Photo was taken next to Trump Marina in the State Troopers barracks. If taking a photo there, please ask for authorization before attempting to enter.
1996 Camaro C/S - 2/3 Corvette Engine

Originally Posted by BigAls87Z28 View Post
Uh yeah, after they surprized buttsecks us at Pearl Harbor?

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My name is Paul and this is my 2000 Firebird Formula/TA clone. Car is mechanically stock. I bought it several weeks ago but I'm still working on making arrangements to pick it up so thats why I dont have a better picture. I got it while I was negotiating the sale of my SS. The snowman was a CGI image added to the picture.
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2000 WS6
Bought this car 2.5 years ago. Once it hits 86mph all bets are off.

2000 ws6

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Hi, Rick here. This is my 67 after comming home from the 10th Winter Nationals in Fla last Feb. Made the run back home between the 2 big snow storms. JS Performance sbc 355 with fuel injection.
Attached Images
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67 RS/SS 355, Autogear M21 (w/Overdrive), 8.5w/3.42's
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My name is Ryan and this is my 01 Z28 6 speed.I bought it in october of 2008 and it currently has about 136,000 on it. This is my first LS car that i have owned and i love it.Its still pretty much bone stock minus the free mods and an SLP lid. I just recently installed a monster level 2 clutch kit with slave.i also have chrome ss 10 spokes an slp grille with ss spoiler and my ss hood .I do have lots of plans for it such as heads cam and full bolt ons. I picked up this car in Jacksonville FL and it was a FL car its entire life before i came back to jersey. I got the car for a steal we traded even trade for my girls 02 honda civic. when they said even trade i never looked back.

2000 Trans AM M6 Roller 64k on the body (Project) ( Sold )
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01 Camaro SS 6.0 swap M6, cam, headers, 3in exhaust, and suspension. Heads, and intake coming soon
99 Firebird 3.8 A4 mostly stock. LQ9 swap coming soon.
01 SS 383 stroker, Magnum F, 9in.
86 Trans-Am 355 t56

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2001 Camaro SS M6 My name is Brett. I took this photo on Rt. 40 just outside of Elmer in south Jersey. My wife is actually in the car. I made her duck down so i could get the shot. She didnt want to get out and look silly while a took the shot. The car has some simple mods Magna Flow exhaust, rockers, springs, Granatelli intake lid, K&N air, etc.
The faster I go the happier I am.
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1996 trans am

heads/cam car with full bolt-ons currently installing a 12 bolt
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DSC_0008 by ls1dreamin02, on Flickr

Nick Maffey
2002 Camaro Z28

I bought this car last October bone stock, hardtop, A4, with my hard earned money. It is my first car and my daily driver. I put on over 10,000 miles in the last year and it now has just over 45k on it. It currently has an SLP LM1, SLP lid, SLP Y pipe, UMI LCAs, UMI PHR, and a K&N filter along with some other basic mods. I enhanced the looks with a set of black ZR1s and a black billet grille. Someday soon I hope to dump the 4l60e for a 6 speed.
2002 Camaro Z28
Monterey Maroon-Hard Top
6 Speed Swapped, SLP Lid, LM1, UMI LCA's,PHB, K&N, Nittos

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Vinnie Spatola
99 Camaro Z28
I bought the car in January, 2008 completely stock and have been modifying it ever since. I put an LS1 shortblock in it from a 2002 car, 2005 LS6 heads, and Comp Cam 232/234 cam along with supporting mods. It also has a monster level 3 clutch, tick master cylinder, and a Moser 9inch with 3.5inch driveshaft. The car has gone a best of 11.85 in the 1/4 and it still has some left in it.
Vinnie -

00 SS A4- LQ9/LS3/Stalled/3.42s 1.48/11.10/121 mph<-6spd swap in progress.
13 Silverado Z71- Sold 11/16
99 Z28 M6- -H/C/9in - sold 1/13
99 Silverado Z71- The DD - Sold 7/13
03 CBR 600RR - Sold 8/13
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NJ Torque
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Chris Barany
1999 Z28
This droptop has over 205,000 miles, yes thats right! Its a LS1 and auto trans, car has a 3.23 rear in it and just a Loudmouth catback and intake, my first vert and a blast to drive in the summer!
1999 Z28 Convertible. 6 speed swap, wide cowl hood, full hockey stripes, and a whining 10 bolt.

2008 Sierra Vortec Max. 6.2 swapped, headers, Magnaflow catback, GMPP CAI, NHT optioned tow package.

2006 GTO, 11.48 @ 118.3

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This is my 1995 Chevrolet Camaro. Its a 3.4L awaiting its LT1 transplant. Other parts sitting on my floor include, but are not limited to, a CPT 4l60e, Yank SS3600, Ford 9-inch, Stainless Steel Headers, LE2 Heads/Intake, Compstar Crank and Rods, and an AC Delco Opti. It has a stripped out interior with a roll bar and sometimes a race seat. Aesthetically, it is equipped with a Toyota HID system through Hella 90mm projectors, tinted lenses and windows, original paint, ttops, a hamberger panel, and an LT1 SS spoiler. It is driven every single day there isn't 2 feet of snow on it.
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