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Car Buying Questions

Current car (2014 Cruze Diesel) is about to roll over 100k and to be honest I am ready to get rid of it.

Now, the downside is, car is worth maybe 6k but I owe 8.6k (dumb move on my part)

Looking to get a new Kia Hybrid, and my question is, do I bother taking the car to trade in with it being underwater?

Or do I bite the bullet and pay it off then trade in?

Or try to pay it down to 6k area and list private sale wise?
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repo bigals turd gen and part it out to a loving home
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See what the dealership can do for you. It doesn't hurt to find out. Maybe they can make you a good deal.

Or at least roll everything into a new loan and it won't look as bad lol
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and once i get PHB, what do i ajust it too?
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Depends what the financing rate is on the new vehicle vs what you're paying.
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Is English your 2nd language? Did you graduate high school? Your posts make my head hurt.
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Let me know before you accept their **** offer....
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