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Driving Force Online 5/9/2013

What's Happening in Your State?
So far this year, thousands of new legislative initiatives have been introduced across the U.S. and Canada, hundreds of which are being closely tracked and analyzed by the SEMA Action Network (SAN). As a result of its dedicated following and record of success, the SAN remains the premier hobbyist network of its kind.

Since we are well into this legislative season, an updated list of new bills that may be of interest to vehicle enthusiasts has been compiled. The most pressing of these bills will continue to be the subject of Action Alerts that are e-mailed to SAN members and highlighted in our newsletter, Driving Force. The compilation is available on the SAN website, (Read More)

Legislative Front Lines
Click here for the complete list of Legislative Alerts
SEMA SAN Strike Force
This 1956 Ford Thunderbird is a recent acquisition of Joe Leone, who has owned several collector vehicles including two Factory Five Cobra roadsters. This “Early ‘Bird” has all the bells and whistles that Ford offered 57 years ago, including power seats, windows, brakes and steering, not to mention the optional radio, turn signals and heater! The 312 cubic inch Y-block has kept on ticking for 131,000 miles.

Enthusiasts residing in the Bay State have a strong ally among them in SAN member Joe Leone. An avid “gearhead,” this former Methuen City Councilman has stepped up in support of the automotive community on many occasions. Perhaps most importantly was his effort in pursuing the enactment into law of SEMA’s Model Street Rod/Custom Vehicle Bill. Due in large part to his persistence over a six year period, the bill was given consideration amongst the chaos that existed in the closing days of Massachusetts’s 2010 legislative session. From countless e-mails, phone calls and visits to the State House, Leone helped ensure that this pro-hobby bill would receive attention from lawmakers. In addition to local businesses and automotive groups, he educated lawmakers and regulators on the positive benefits that this bill would have on the enthusiast community. Thank you, Joe, for channeling your passion to the benefit of your fellow hobbyists.

Vent Windows Forever!

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Feather-light suspension, Konis just couldn't hold. I'm so glad I took a look inside your showroom doors.

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