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From hydraulic flat tappet to solid roller

I'm having trouble making up my mind on the cam decision for my sbc 350. I have a 350 from a 78 k10 truck the cylinder bores are beautiful so I'm just going to do heads and cam with a small shot of nitrous until it blows up. Eventually I will make it a 383 stroker and port me heads (iron eagle 215) but for now im just looking to pop a cam in there and I am weighing out my options.
I don't want to miss anything and so far I have solid rollers with link bars, cam button, Lock plate, and I know I will need a thrust washer and possibly a different timing cover but I'm not sure if there's anything else aside from the normal things like pushrods and timing chain etc

I have a melanized distributor gear as well.

I am mainly asking if I am missing anything for the hydraulic flat tappet to solid roller conversion and opinions if it's worth it to spend the extra money to go solid roller or just wait til it blows the bottom end?

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Been a while since I looked at SR stuff, but I seem to recall there are certain types of lifters (Red Zone, HIPPO) that were preferable if you are going to be running it on the street due to their ability to oil the roller pins.

I'd consider just staying FT hydraulic until it blows up and you can zero base it.
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