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Repairing Window Trim

Quick question, the rubber around my front windshield has started to separate from the glass exposing the trim. The rubber itself appears to be in okay shape (Not cracked or dry), but whatever adhesive they used has deteriorated over time. Is there anything I can do myself to re-seal this?

I figured maybe some kind of clear automotive RTV liberally applied to re-seal the rubber to the glass and prevent any rust/leaks?
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I've had good luck with this stuff. If you can get the seal to lay correctly and the adhesive to contact a bonding surface behind it, should be golden. Setup time might be a little longer so just keep an eye on it and keep pressure until it holds in position.

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There's also 3M window-weld. You can also get a special primer for the surfaces so it bonds better. I used both of those to reattach the passenger side glass to a guide bracket in my GTO(a common failure).
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