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New brain for old dinosuar. Pontiac V8 meets LS1 ECU

While the concept isn't new, I have offically made success at this on going project.
Background: Holley , while helpful, pissed me off some time ago.
Solution: EFI system that does everything, not just fuel. (At the time, not many systens did this and those that did, were in their infancy)

Story/ Info
EFI connection has it for Chevys so why not a Pontiac or any other engine. Upon propsal, EFI Connection had no interest in the project but were helpful until the proprietery stuff.

After design, concpet, prototypes and initial run of parts, followed by the physical build, wiring , all come together. All parts , sans for the the ones I designed/ made, are all off the shelf parts intentionally. System runs the LS funky 24x reluctor due to personal request to keep it cable driven vs DBW. Also uses 8 coil packs in place where distributor would normally reside to keep engine bay area clean.

Have some pics which will post later. Here's a inital...well 2nd start video. Inital base tune. Indepth tuning to follow. Will be using HPTuners Software
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That looks clean. How much of a pain was it to get the reluctor working?
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Originally Posted by Blackbirdws6 View Post
I can appreciate a dream but this person needed some real friends.
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Great job! It's always nice to see people putting effort into the old Iron. I will be picking your brain when I finally get around to my '68 Firebird project.
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The 24x reluctor is a funky arrangement with an inverse pattern along side. I identified the radial angles of a long and a short and drafted a pair up in Solidworks mimicing the OE version. They were laser cut and attatched to the rear of the balaner. I designed an adjustable crank sensor holder which utilized the LS1 sensor. The sensor is actually 2 sensors in 1 and is directional as we found out.

The cam sensor is in place of the distributor. I designed a housing/ setup the runs off teh cam and drives the oil pump as factory and also has the cam sensor and reluctor built in. The 24x systen is easy here being a simple 2x signal.

Keep me updated on your 68. This will make it a little more fun. Installation is easier with the engine out. I installed it on my car with the engine installed, however it was setup for EFI from the last system. Th OG Holley Project 4i.

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Nice work on pulling together the setup on your own. Will you be looking to make/sell the parts?

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That would be goal ultimately. While I do know the production cost, I haven't set a price point yet. I have roughly 10 -12 sets of parts I made. I've kept it semi quiet as I didn't want to push something without testing it. I figured I could offer this 2 ways:
1) Sell propriety parts and a list of over the counter componenets and the end user assembles it themselves or uses them in conjuction with their system be it Holley, Haltech, Motec, Megasquirt, ect


2) I install the system on your vehicle, wiring and all.
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Very cool. I guess the only drawback would be tech support post purchase. If you install it, you know it will work.
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The post purchase tech support shouldn't be too bad regaridng the specific componets I make. On the system operation in general, that may be something different. However, being it operates the same as most standalone LS1/6 systems, that information is out and is easily found for the most part. Once the sensors are set, its pretty much all in the ECU at that point. I tried to make it trouble free as possible and tie into something that any tuning/service shop could diagnos and understand. At least thats the intent.
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Took the setup down and made it all pretty. Finished up the loose ends, ect , ect.
Being the initail ECU was done with EFILive, I decided to start from scratch and flash another ECU using HP Tuners software. Its been a nice learning curve. Had some bugs, mainly with dealing with the vehicle the ecu originated regarding flex fuel and some auto trans bits running in the background/ deeper tables. Was able to take the car out and drive it down the driveway a few times. Its a decent sized driveway. Happy so far with the progress. Even with it just in the early tuning stages, I like it better than the Projection system it replaced. Next step is to finish wiring the analog outputs of the FP & WB gauges for the Pro Link. This will allow easier and better tuning of the VE, PE and spark tables. Perhaps mid week I'll have it ready for some data logging. Also getting a square to sine wave converter so the ECU can read the VSS. (Viper 3 wire vs GM 2 wire VSS signals)

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