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IROCZman15 09-21-2020 07:20 PM

Sunday 9/27 ... AutoCross in Warminster OR Test&Tune at Atco ? any interest?
I am considering going to the AutoCross event this upcoming sunday out in Warminster, PA. I went down there once last year with Scott and Billy, and it was a fun day.

Since I have no drag racing events or available car shows this upcoming weekend, I was thinking it would be a good time to maybe get one last AutoX event done for 2020. If I go, great; but if not, no big deal.

Wanted to see if anyone was interested in participating?
Registration closes in a few days.


writeup and info from last year:

photos from last year for motivation:

I just emailed the registration guy to see about pre-registering and getting a weekend SCCA membership at the same time. waiting to hear back.


My other thought is that I was thinking of getting down to Atco. I have yet to ever make a pass at Atco, and with the future of the track in unknown territory, I should probably try to get there in the next few weeks.


This sunday is Test and Tune all day, and the weather looks moderately ok. Chance of rain later in the day, but it is too far away to be certain yet.

Anyone interested in either of these?

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