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Skip the ATS-V although I do think its neat. The sound doesn't do it for me and not the greatest aftermarket support.

- V2 and SS prices are going to hold for a good bit longer.
- V2 is a smaller car vs SS so weigh that in given your family needs.
- If going V2 or SS, get the newest car you can afford. I wouldn't get a SS without the mag ride which I believe was a 2015 and up option.
- V2s can be had with a manual too but you'll pay the premium.
- V2s are fairly solid but watch for mag shock leaks, condensation in headlight and blower rattle (extended warranty from GM should permit it to get replaced if it hasn't already)
- V2 interior is more dated and the black piano plastic scratches if you look at it funny. Plan to get those pieces wrapped
- V2 Recaros command a premium but I've heard mixed reviews on their comfort. Apparently there is a guide to adjusting the seat to get you comfortable and TBH....if I need a guide for my seats to be comfortable screw that. Std seats are comfy if you're OK not having Recaros. Keep in mind Recaros are heated/cooled vs std seats are heated only.

Given your growing family, I'd lean towards the SS for the extra space although depending on color/options, I prefer the V2. I have no idea what the market will do over the next year so you'll have to take your chances on that.

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