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Picked up the car today from M.T. FABRICATION, in Stanhope, NJ...just 15 minutes from my house.

Miro is an incredibly welder and a very easy person to talk to. He took good care of the car while it was there and I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone. Everything is MIG welded except the joints for the swingouts/door bars. Those are TIG welded so that the weld is not raised as it prevents anyone from scraping their hand on the raised metal.

I will be masking, prepping, priming, and painting the roll bar tomorrow.
in the coming week I still will need to:
- use upholstery dye on the front seats
- get the 4 new Falken tires mounted and balanced
- get a front end alignment
- swap out the Champion radiator with its replacement
- probably get a replacement battery for my 75/25 Optima Red Top battery p/n 8022-091 (one that fits into my battery box, possibly an Odyseey )
-sign up and get to an Autocross event at Met Life Stadium for next weekend.
1987 IROC-Z - modified

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