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minor update:

I have been working with the tuner and we are now onto tune revision 3 of about 6or7 initial tune revisions. the way he does it, is the first several tunes focus on the cold starts, idle, part throttle, low rpm, and hot re-start parameters of the tune. Then, after about tune 3, if he likes what he sees, he starts to work on the higher rpm and WOT areas. We are also discussing the PVC/catch can/breather tank situation and we hope to get the engine vacuum up to about 10 inches.

Had the car out today for a short session and I have almost put 500 miles on the new engine. Engine builder told me I would be fine waiting to do the first oil change at 1,000 miles, but since I have time off from work (and my curiosity is elevated) I just might do the oil/filter change soon, to make sure all looks good inside the oil system. Today I picked up 6 quarts of Valvoline VR1 20-50 and ordered the recommended filter Napa ProSelect 21060 oil filter.

I stopped by Larry's Shop last week and he and Chris gave the car a look over and helped point out some things I should adjust/keep in mind. We discussed catch cans also, as well as tuning, and how difficult it would be for me to retrofit any type of functional "knock sensor" to the engine. He also let me borrow his fender-roller and I used it to slightly bend the rear fender lips on both sides. I did not go too far with the metal reshaping, but it certainly better than before, where I had scuffed the current tires a few times in the past.

I also decided that I had enough of trying to make the oem power steering pump, tank, bracket, and pulley look like it belonged with the all new engine and engine bay. I sold some more autoparts online and used that money to buy a new power steering pump, tank, pulley, and brackets. The old oem pump I tried to cleanup and paint during the winter was "ok" looking, but it looked really out of place on the new engine, and I didn't like how high up it sat with the chunky steel bracket. The new pump sits lower, has a metal tank, aluminum pulley, and does not have 175,580 miles on it like my oem one does. I did run into a snag when I realized that the high pressure fitting in the tanks was different. I tried to source out a proper hose locally, and was almost about to go have a hose made, but I spoke with PolarBear who suggested that I swap the fitting from the old tank onto the new tank. After some hesitation, I did this, and everything worked and connected properly. Took the car for a road test today and the new pump along with the newly rebuilt (February 2020) box, new cooler line, etc feels great. Steering system is just great overall. I took these photos yesterday, however today I went and got a 1" shorter v-belt, so the pump tank sits more vertical compared to how it is leaning over a bit too much for my taste in the below photos.

might decide to swap out the water pump pulley and the crank pulley to be aluminum next. might just keep them as is for now. will have to measure sizes and see what my options are. I looked around very quickly, and did not find a crank/water pump pulley combination that has v groove (for PS pump) and ribbed style (for alternator), in matching aluminum
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