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So, I actually thought of that with my one neighbor who is a hot-rodder. he said, buy a smiliar tank and apparently you can put steel wool or something in there to collect oil vapor and have it drip down to the bottom of the tank, but also there are no baffles in the tank? . The only thing stopping me from doing that is I am not sure if I want that whole drivers side front-corner area to be used for a possibly secondary fuel tank unit. Even with the 340 pump and wiring upgrade, some people have suggested it might be better off to have a secondary fuel tank/pump just for the nitrous system.

I've seen some nice units from various companies, and space would be very tight there. Of course I could always then re-locate the catch can at this point again, but it is an option. right now, that whole are is open and empty. good observation, and thanks for the suggestion.. it is a good one indeed. I would try to be as creative as possible routing the hoses, because I liek how there are very minimal hoses/wires/items coming off the front and sides of the engine. it is the center focal point, and more hoses around/across it would be a bit"unsightly" to me, but when the nitrous system gets installed, I will have to accept its required plumbing and components.

so yea, but perhaps instead of running the hose to/from the front of the valve cover on the drivers side, i run it from the rear of the valve cover, around/over/under the brake booster, and along the side of the inner fender where I have the plastic wire loom covering the elctric wires. then it would be somewhat "symmetrical" to the pass side. the tank I have on the pass side does look nice, fit well, and has many configurations for ports/hoses/plugs. so its a possibility. BUT, would a run of hose that long be problematic? it would be about 5-6 feet from valve cover to catch can, and then 5 or 6 feet back to the engine and into the sniper. too long? it would be about the same level/height to avoid dips and pockets.
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