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Originally Posted by TaKid455 View Post
I'll keep in mind. Being this will be a street car, I rather full cooling capacity. Yes, I know it can be done and has been done. Oil temps would be the concern more so over coolant. Was the machine work done before or after the filling?

What are you looking to get for your block?
I ran this block on the street for a couple years with a oil cooler and never had a single issue with oil temperature. I even drove the car fom NJ to Ocean City Maryland and back. I put another LS2 together and had that filled block machined and done to do a turbo build. I'LL even throw in the electric oil temp guage too.

It was filled first then machined afterwards. Bored, honed, line bored, new cam bearings and deck cleaned up. It's literally ready to assemble just throw in your parts
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