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yep. its correct for sure. I just don't think I had my foot down all the way on some of those passes, like a fool. I went through a ton of the TPS and linkage checks during that few weeks in August/september when my MSD ignition took a crap. I made a few videos and stuff about it too, but the linkage and TPS readings are true. I've operated it by hand and watched the butterflies open to wot. Basically, I just wasn't on the floor with the pedal. you can see the upper green line in some of the other datalogs on this page (and previous pages) which will show my TPS gets to 100% pretty often.

But even if it didnt reach 100% apparently that is OK based on the way the Holley sniper is setup with a MAP sensor. According to Holley, anything over 85% TPS is considered full throttle. So in theory, if my throttle pedal is at 85% or 100% wide open, the engine/sniper would act exactly the same.
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