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Originally Posted by The_Bishop View Post
True, but the airflow wouldn't be as the butterfly valve would be partially closed. In any case, now you know what to watch for next time around!
So, I am glad you said that, and I fully agree with you on that. If the blades are not 100% open, there is a slight airflow restriction into the engine. I spent a lot of time reading how TPS, Map, and VE table info works for the sniper, ad while I understand the basics of it, I still have wondered about the butterflies. The more air in, the more fuel can be added and essentially the more volumetric efficiency and cylinder pressure I can make. Most people (my tuner in Texas included) have told me that WOT is WOT on a map system. I still think of it like you are, and that if my blades are not fully open, I am giving up VE. I am glad to be able to datalog and see it, otherwise without that, I would just "assume" I was at full WOT for every pass. The datalogs show that I was only at 100% TPS on pass 1, and pass 2, 3, 5 I had some throttle fluctuation. I probably also did on pass 4, but I didn't record a datalog during it.

-the more I look at the sniper tunes and datalogs, the more I want to get back out to the track and run the car again. I am probably going to type up a separate post/thread about scientifically mathematically figuring out my optimal shift points, so I will be asking for as much group input on that as possible. I know I am splitting hairs here in search of maybe shaving down another tenth of a second or so, but I am hoping for one more good track session before winter comes along.
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