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Good point. I’m pretty sure that they aren’t bottoming out but I’d really have to check. I know I have always had to use a 1/4” spacer between the rotor and wheel to deliver the clearance from the inner rim-face to the caliper fins. This I researched before buying the wheels and I found this answer on the corvette forums ( I run a C4 HD brake setup) for those who use the JEGS SSR wheel. I tried without the spacer on the first day I had the wheels and they did scuff them caliper. So the 1/4” spacer is mandatory. I’m pretty sure the wheel damage is my doing and it’s off that the same damage is on both front wheels. I will be repairing/saving the wheels but in the interest of preventing this from happening in the future, I’ll check a few things like you guys have suggested. And I’ll call JEGS too
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