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no, not offended at all. I am always in search of tech advice and opinions from those who know mroe than me, so I would not get offended. I tend to write a LOT in my posts but only in an effort to put as much info out there and avoid any back-and-forth questions regarding a topic that I could just simply type out initially.

Yup, I agree, it is probably a combination of cheap cast Jegs wheels, that odd machined grove on the back of the hub, maybe an imperfection that is/was on one of the spacers, and me slightyl overtightening them. I could see it being more prone to damage if I rammed them on with an impact gun on the max setting, but thats not the case.

I had done some re3asearch too, and also a friend mentioned that usually for wheel tightness specs, its not so much the wheel that dictates the torque specs, its the torque rating of the lug stud. usually 12 mm and 1/2 studs are in the 80-120 range depending on which entity you find your info from.

Yup, I am going to keep my options open for a while. I was fortunate enough to pickup a free Miller Tig Welder and a free Linde Mig welder and I just finished installing a 100 amp 220 volt subpanel in the garage. I bought some welding equipment, a mixed gas cylinder and a pure argon cylinder and have just gotten a change to start playing around with those welders. Just fired up the Tig welder for the first time ever just this afternoon after work. Might get some practice in during the next few months and see how I can attack the wheel repair. if it doesn't seem to work, well, then the wheels just were not meant to be. Yea, we could all say that bringing them somewhere is an option too, but if I just caved in and brought my car to a repair place every time it needed something, well I would not enjoy this hobby very much at all. I'll see. Not overly concerned at this point really.
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