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sorry, I never remembered to post that datalog, whoops

unrelatedly, I did an oil change a few weeks ago and figured it was a good time to TRY one of those oil sample test kits. I also was curious about if the oil/filter change would remedy that high oil pressure issue that I had last month on the way home from Island Dragway.. tossed in a bottle that of AMSOIL engine flush since I had it on my shelf and ran engine for 10 mins. I will post a separate thread about that oil test.. but for now the engine oil pressure is back to where it normally is 52-55 at hot idle, and about 75-80 under moderate load. I hooked up a mechani9cal oil pressure test gauge to the threaded hole in located above the filter on the gen 1 Dart SHP block. got the same readings. So my oem style dashboard gauge is accurate. I'm still VERY baffled by why the oil pressure was reading like 100 under load and 80 at idle back in late October.

figured a new/separate thread would get more eyes and opinions so here it is:

Unrelatedly, I decided to switch up my tail-lights. I had this set in storage for like 10 years. The ones on the car I did the red-tail light mod to back in 2007 and while it looked better than the orange turn signal lenses, I still wanted something more bada$$ and sleek and tinted. Took these out of storage and peeled them apart. painted the inner orange lens with the Testors translucent red paint. sealed them back up and they were the same as the ones on the car. Decided to bite the bullet and try to tint them. But first I painted the outside of the orange lens with the translucent red also with the testors. Then I sprayed a generous 2 coats of the VHT nightshade, followed by a gloss clear 2 coats. Let them cure for a few days then buff, polish, buff again, wax. installed them today. pretty happy with the sleek look. No more rainbow of colors. Not sure if I am going to leave the on/off killswitch handle red or paint it black. Plenty of light shines through, and they are just the oem style bulbs, nothign LED or anything fancy. If it looks too "ricer" or ends up being a problem, I can just swap back to the other taillights. For now, I am glad that the multi-color is gone.

1987 IROC-Z - modified

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