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No more boat anchor LT1 - 2000 Trans Am

After giving up on getting a 16-17 SS because I am poor, I decided to start looking for a 00-02 trans am or ws6. WS6s are calling a lot of money, when really, everything would be replaced besides the hood.

So I posted on LS1tech with an ISO/WTB post and someone from NC messaged me saying he had a stock 00 TA. I sent carchex out to look at it, and he sent pics, very clean. Few days later, it is here at my doorstep

2000 Trans Am, ~119k miles, only mod was a t handle hurst shifter

First mod was removing the handle, luckily the stock knob was in the glovebox

First real mod was reverse LEDs, because yeah stock bulbs suck

While in there, did some race car weight reduction with some help.

I have an SLP Lid for it and a tick short throw. Going to order madhammer (gmmg), strano/koni yellows, and hunt for some sportline 17s

I turned to the dark side, abandoning LT1 camp
1986 Honda VFR750 - 89.3HP to the wheel
2000 Trans Am M6 - SLP Lid.
2018 Durango R/T - AFE Intake, waiting for stainless works catback to be built

1996 Trans Am WS6 M6 SOLD
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