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Hot Rod DRAG WEEK 2019 is stopping at Atco Dragstrip on 9/11/19

I've always read the articles in the magazine for a long long time and watched some of the video content online during recent years....and I was thrilled to see that it was coming to the East Coast this year...specifically, making a stop on Wednesday 9/11/19 at Atco. I think I am able to get the day off to go there and spectate for the day. Anyone else planning on going?

for those who don't know what Drag week is, it is a 5 day event. Competitors race their cars at 5 dragstrips in 5 days and have their best times averaged together. the kicker is, that ALL cars must be street driven, and can tow a small trailer....BUT the competing car itself can not be on a trailer. there are checkpoints along the way and many cars have mechanical problems. Usually the route covers close to 1,000 miles. There is everything from 6 second outlaw (almost pro-mod level) cars to daily driver classes, power adder classe, and N/A, etc etc.

youtube some videos of it. if you are curious.

I think I am going to make the trip down there. Anybody else ?
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