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Short version:
I had a freakin' blast. Was very cool to see real deal race/street cars doing business. Race cars with trailers, what a sight to see! Weather was hot but humid. Cars broke, cars went fast, lots of spectators, good times. took a bunch of photos and videos (to be uploaded in a few days time though)

Long Version:
Since racing began at 8am and ended at 2pm, I made sure I left my house early (5:20 am). arrived at the track at 7:30 just after Billy, Scott and Joe got there. Walked the pits, watched some of the cars pull in towing their trailer and watched as they transformed from street driver to race duty. taking off street tires, changing engine configurations and fueling up. I just happened to be walking past the maroon chevy nova (easily a $150,000 car) and heard an angle grinder. looked over to see the driver taking a cutting wheel to the front/bottom of both rear wheel well openings. I guess something happened where the drag slick now started contacting the sheetmetal. I watched in shock as he did what he damn well had to do, and cut metal and beautiful paint off of what had to be a $20,000 paint job. (I took a video, will post later).

we hungout in the staging lanes watching cars roll past and behind the burnout box. PolarBear and Dave Nelson arrived and we went to watch some racing from the grandstands, right below where David Frieburger and Brian Lohmes were giving track commentary. Some vehicles busted rear axles, driveshafts etc. One guy dumped a few gallons of fuel out of the car as he made a single digit pass, many wheelies, Tom Bailey ran a 6.18 second pass, even a 1919 Franklin (bone stock) ran down the track at 45mph and a 30.x second e.t., and some Tesla cars run mid 10s.

We took a break from the hot sun, got lunch and waked the pits. chatted with a few racers (many 3rd gen fbody guys) and also watched as the competitors who were satisfied enough with their best e.t. and they decided to convert their cars back to street mode. dave, btk, scott, joe and james left. I had some time to kill between then and 6pm, so I walked the pits a bunch. hungout with Finnegan and Tony of Roadkill, the Austrailian chevelle guys, the guy with the broken truck rear, the Austrian team (who arrived at the track with only 10mins before the track closed and managed to make a single pass!), Alex Taylor's team, and some others. I had something monumental (for me) at 6, so I found a place to grab some buffalo wings and killed time. At 6, I had setup a visit/meeting with the guy who owns my late uncles 1975 pro street camaro (see my other thread) and I went over there to see it for the first time since 1991 when my uncle took me or a ride at age 7, a few years before he ended up selling it.

Hot Rod Drag Week was super cool. This is the first time in the 15 years of drag week that they have come this close to our territory. I don't see it happening again anytime soon, but who knows. My hats off to all the competitors who truly battle their way through their event. super cool !

here is a link to yesterdays live feed video.

live feed today is also on youtube.
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