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I haven't gotten a lift yet but I will most likely get a 4 post bend-pak once my garage addition is built. I would be doing the install myself so I can't help you with a recommendation there. However, you said you are getting either a 2 post or 4 post. That's where maybe I can help a little. My advice as far as which one to get is to look at what it will mainly be used for and how often. Years ago a 2 post would have been my choice since I was always stripping or flipping cars and always working on something. But now I would mainly be using a lift for additional storage. I have 6 cars currently and want to have as many at home as possible(small driveway). I would only take the car off the lift to drive it or do work on another car. I just wouldn't want to use a 2 post lift for extended storage time up in the air with suspension unloaded. Also, 4 post lifts can be freestanding depending on model and manufacturer whereas any 2 post lift must be securely anchored to the garage floor and sometimes you need certain concrete floor requirements (thickness/strength). In the future, I may look to get a 2 post lift as well for my other bay but that isnt definite yet. So ultimately, the lift you get depends on how you are going to use it.
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