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08-16-2012, 08:04 PM
Don't really know if this belongs here or not but I'll test the waters and see if it lasts. Looking for mid 12's and I'll be happy breaking into the 11's on a 100 shot.

I bought this as an impulse buy probably 5 months ago. Always wanted a small block s10. Ended up beating the guy down to $1,100 cause it had a 305/2004R and he thought it was a 350/700R4. Figured after I sold the drive train I had a clean $700 roller set up for a SBC.

First thing I had to do was wreck the 305... couldn't sell it without having some fun first :kneeslap:
Literally within 2 minutes, no fuel compensation or timing adjustment the plugs were covered in oil and detonating... ruined a brand new set of plugs.

Truck went from gray to flat black to a descent roll on rustoleum gloss black...

275,000+ mile donor motor (Vortec 350) that was in the family since new, overall condition amazing. Crank was still true, from the factory the oil plugs were staked, 4.002" cylinder bore in worst cylinder, cross hatching, bearings all worn very evenly. Only downside was the rings were very brittle and some broke when I attempted to remove them. Needed a valve job as well. Minimal carbon build up on everything though.

I originally wanted to build a 383 but due to the condition of the rotating assembly and block I couldn't justify the money. Ended up being my first attempt at assembling a motor from bare block. Honed, new freeze plugs, valve job, polished crank, Comp Cams 224/230 .508"/.508" 110LSA cam, Air Gap manifold, Holley 4160 carb, moly rings, head gasket shims. Honing and filing rings completely sucked.


As of last week, the motor fired up on the engine cradle with an MSD ignition box hooked up. Don't hear any unusual noises either so I'm happy.

Next step is trans/converter/fuel system. Stock fuel tank (or maybe the copper fuel lines some a**hole installed) are causing the fuel to look like orange gatorade. Hunting for a stock 4.10 posi rear as well.

chrisfrom nj
08-16-2012, 09:22 PM
nice project

08-16-2012, 09:33 PM
Cool cheap project, can't wait to see it run good luck

08-20-2012, 09:44 PM
I misread that this wasn't for long term projects... well it's a long term project that is just about complete.

Ever see glass packs like these?! They are seriously like 50lbs a piece...

I picked up a TH350 with a shift kit and 2,400-2,800 B&M converter. Cleaned up and painted... didn't have any descent paint except for that obnoxious green lol:

2004R next to TH350. Didn't realize they were so close in size. Drive shaft will work, cross member will be modified the slightest bit.



Motor and trans are in. Just gotta finish the exhaust, cooling system, accessories, ignition box/wiring, put the carb on and modify the cross member.

Gotta get a fuel cell/lines, back on the hunt for a posi 4.10 rear and figure out what I want to do to help put the power down to the pavement.

11-20-2012, 04:55 AM
I saw this on craigslist i believe

11-20-2012, 09:22 PM
I saw this on craigslist i believe

Yup, buyer picking it up minus motor tomorrow. Motor went into my brother's 90 z28.
I have to admit for the money I invested into this truck and it staying naturally aspirated it was extremely fun. I wish I got to bring it above 4,500 RPM or whack it with a 100 shot.