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NJFBOA News September 28, 2016

*** October 2016 Meet - Sun 10/2 New Providence PBA Car Show

We are going to hit a charity car show run by the New Providence PBA, a few of which are club members. Let’s help them help the American Parkinson Disease Association. Check the thread for more info.

When: Sunday 10/2
Time: 10 AM until 3 PM
Where: Borough of New Providence Municipal Center, 360 Elkwood Avenue New Providence, NJ 07974.

COST: On-site Registration: $20 / Pre-Registration: $15

*** November 2016 Meet – Monday 11/7 Atco Raceway

The November meet is again at Atco Raceway on Monday 11/7. We are again tagging along to watch some of our members race all day. Come on out and say hello, hang out, grab some lunch (lunch price $10/$8 in advance).

*Please let us know if you want lunch so we get enough food by posting a note up in the meet thread. Pre-payment info is in the thread.****

*This is a spectator event, if you are not already paid up to race you will not be racing that day***

Check here for details:

Special thanks to Brian aka Blackbirdws6 for letting us tag along on his track rental. Remember Brian for you HID conversion needs, his are the best in the business:

***Car of the Month continues rolling!

Jersey Mike brought it back! Check the multimedia forum

*** Want to help by organizing a future monthly meet?

Let us know! Don’t just stand on the side pointing out what we should do, get involved and do it! PM BonzoHansen, WildBillyT or Jersey Mike for details.

*** What are you doing?

It’s time to report in NJFBOA! Cruise nights, car shows, racing, where are you? What’s going on? Let everyone know what’s going on out there!

***EPA on the hunt for your racecar?

Tell Congress to save racing from government threat — it only takes a minute:


More here:

Beyond additional signatures, the SEMA Action Network (SAN) is also looking for additional members of Congress to cosponsor the RPM Act. To date, the House legislation has 83 sponsors, while the Senate bill has 12. Are your elected officials among them? Visit the following link to find out, which includes a tool to locate your lawmakers: go to Given the potential impact of this rulemaking on car clubs and automotive organizations nationwide, group leaders are needed to work with Congress in passing the bill.

Watch SPEED SPORT's Ralph Sheheen discuss the topic with North Carolina Congressman and RPM Act sponsor, Patrick McHenry:

***Here are your NJ Federal Legislators – they impact the RPM Act!
Contract them through this page:
New Jersey District 1 Donald Norcross (Dem)
New Jersey District 2 Frank LoBiondo (Rep)
New Jersey District 3 Thomas MacArthur (Rep)
New Jersey District 4 Chris Smith (Rep)
New Jersey District 5 Scott Garrett (Rep)
New Jersey District 6 Frank Pallone (Dem)
New Jersey District 7 Leonard Lance (Rep)
New Jersey District 8 Albio Sires (Dem)
New Jersey District 9 Bill Pascrell (Dem)
New Jersey District 10 Donald Payne (Dem)
New Jersey District 11 Rodney Frelinghuysen (Rep)
New Jersey District 12 Bonnie Watson Coleman (Dem)
New Jersey US Senate Robert Menendez (Dem)
New Jersey US Senate Cory Booker (Dem)

*** Here are your NJ legislator contacts – they impact state level law

***Bill that permits historic motor vehicles to be used for pleasure driving one day per week.

*** Bill to Provide for Single License Plate Reintroduced in New Jersey
Get the latest update here:

*****Club Fliers*****

Club Fliers - Keep some in the car, hand them out!!!!

First up is a simple one. 2 per page = less printing, less cost, less space in the car. You just have to slice them up yourselves.

Here is the current full page flier

Thanks for your support.


Cruise season is almost over!

Blue Moon Kruisers 2016 Howell, NJ Cruise Nights
Remaining Dates 10/1, 10/15 (car show for charity)

Robbinsville cruise night Every Thursday through September

Sunday October 2nd, 2016 New Providence PBA Car Show

Flemington Speedway Historical Society car show Sat 10/15

Jim Harrington footbrake classic 9/24-25

Annual Pumpkin Run Saturday, November 5th 2016


**If you want any club stuff send Mike (Jersey Mike) a PM on the site for help! We still have pint glasses, shirts and stickers.

******CLUB SPONSORS******

We would like to thank our sponsors and ask for your continued support of our club sponsors. If you have a question or a need, please give them a call and tell them you're from NJFBOA. Support the companies that support the NJFBOA.

CTW Motorsports -
EFX Tuning -
JS Performance -
RPM Resto and Custom -
Island Dragway - - Our ‘home track’
SEMA-SAN - – Get involved!


If you or anyone you know would like to sponsor NJFBOA please contact us.

Thanks again for all of your support and for continuing to spread the word about the New Jersey F-Body Owners Association. The best Camaro and Firebird club in NJ!

Don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook!

Find us on Instagram!
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