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How did you hear about NJFBOA?

A few of us were talking last night, and one of the topics was how we even found the club, or what attracted us to it. I figured this would make a pretty interesting thread. Some of us OG's had trouble recalling our first 'BOA introduction.

I think I was referred by someone (njspeeder?) off LS1tech. I was a sophomore in high school, so I didn't even have a permit so I didn't make it to my first meet for two years
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Originally Posted by BonzoHansen View Post
Is English your 2nd language? Did you graduate high school? Your posts make my head hurt.
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wrong generation
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Melissa aka 79camarodiva told me about the site. Back in the day when we use to hang out lol. Got a text from her that was a picture of a flyer that some one put up at island. Of course it took me almost a month to actually register and become a member lol.

For the longest time i was the only member from down here lol
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unstable bob gable
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Well, there was a 'lil 'ol F body club out of Central that used to meet at a Fuddruckers in Bridgewater NJ for burgers, beers, ricer bashing, car talk, and a whole lot of coffin nail smoking. Timmay and Justin came to hang out and took the concept to the big time. I had a 94 25th Ann TA for starters, and later on had an 88 Formula with a Super Rammed 383 and a 79 TA with a 455 Olds.
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Think I just followed Kirkevil on to here. The glory days of being the scourge of 'boa
Originally Posted by KirkEvil View Post
repo bigals turd gen and part it out to a loving home
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I'm pretty sure I was bored in college and stumbled upon the forum.

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I knew about it from interweb searches for years before I joined. I met Scott and btk at the Flemington cruise night one year and joined shortly after that.
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I was part of the exodus from njfbody. I had just joined there and saw info about njfboa so i joined
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NJ Torque
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Started working at a Goodyear store, Larry (samhainZ28) had a silver 2000, talked to him about it and put me onto the forum.
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A former member who probably still lurks saw my car and dropped a flyer for NJFbody, been here ever since those Fuddrucker & Wayne Hooters days.
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Former member told me about the site. I didn't even own a fbody at the time just knew I wanted one.
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Whiskey cafe car show, someone told me about it.
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Whew, that was a long long time ago and my memory is a bit foggy.... but I know I was a member on the old (RIP) and I browsed a lot on back then, soI probably saw the njfboa mentioned on one of those sites.
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Pretty sure I found out about this board on LS1Tech. Or perhaps it was Jon Bad64Chevelle. I dormed with Jon at Rutgers in 2004-2005, and once in a while, I would find a green LT1 Camaro parked next to mine.
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Searching ltjuan stuff i believe
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11 sec club
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The Google machine
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While on LS1Tech, I noticed another member's location was local to me. Being a college student & new to the Car world, I loved the idea of wrenching with a knowledgeable friend rather than cussing & breaking things solo via online write-ups.

Fast-forward a bit and I grew to see more & more advantages to this local forum than I could have ever anticipated. The Parts market here was like being in a candy store. There's just something really awesome about having performance parts pop up all around you, within a 20 minute radius. It was also comforting knowing that a lot of the guys selling stuff here weren't just Randos. Folks here really get to know one another over time--between meets, text messaging, joint wrenching sessions, and general forum-posting, you got the feeling that the likelihood of getting scammed on a local board like this was a lot less than on a LS1Tech/Craigslist/etc.

Fast-forward a couple of more years to after my wreck. I didn't fully realize just how awesome this club & the people in it were until after my car had been totaled. Suddenly, I was left without a FBody. Before I was even healed from my minor injuries, I was already offered a roller from a member here. Thereafter, I was given and sold parts/panels/needs that were going to help me build this FBody back up from scratch. The most impressive part for me though, was having club members religiously stop by on weeknights, after their 10-hour work days, to turn wrenches with me, or devote their entire Saturdays or Sundays to working on their backs, in the winter cold, on a car that wasn't even theirs.

BlackbirdWS6 used my car for his projector business.
Creeper & MyFirstZ know every inch of my car as well as they know the back of their hands.
I can't tell you how many parts I've taken from "V" (Paul) over these last few years.
SweetBMXRider was my personal AllData, just a phone call away.
QwikZ28 handled the legal aspects of my recent house purchase.
66_Customs ended up painting my car & teaching me a bit about paint & body work.
The list is never-ending... That's the tip of the iceberg, but I could sit here for days rambling on with stories of all the cool people I've met & many friendships that have accidentally stemmed from this club. I'm glad I found the place. It's result it life-long relationships and so many surprising benefits that I never would have fathomed.


1995 Firebird... Stock-ish.
Originally Posted by LS1ow View Post
Good. He microwaved my phone 6 years ago, i hope his intake erupts.
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I will beat you with a toaster!
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Originally Posted by qwikz28 View Post
Pretty sure I found out about this board on LS1Tech. Or perhaps it was Jon Bad64Chevelle. I dormed with Jon at Rutgers in 2004-2005, and once in a while, I would find a green LT1 Camaro parked next to mine.
I hear that guy is a jerk. I remember stalking the silver z for a long time... And leaving flyers on it . Back in the good old days .

How's it been man ? It's been forever !

Oh and we don't talk about the green lt1 car �� Lol

Oh and I believe Justin or Tim messaged me back in 2004 on another forum about coming over here .

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Ive known justin and njspeeder for 16? years .... When NJFBody fell apart they told me to log in the day they started this site. I think it was a AIM message from Tim saying "go here, sign up".
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I didn't find NJFBOA.

NJFBOA found me.

Originally Posted by LTb1ow View Post
In all honesty, unless you have some weird addiction to your motor, go LSX. It will be cheaper, easier, and actually be able to be tuned.
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I think nastyz, i think.
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I saw a post on and decided to check this place out.
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I think JL8Jeff had posted something on Team Camaro. Been too long, I don't even remember, lol. The monthly 'Tuesday night' central meets are what sold me. Still miss those, but everybody moved or life got in the way. Stupid lives lol.
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Hey everybody, it's good to have you on the Baba-too-da-ba-too-ba-ba-buh-doo-ga-ga-bop-a-dop
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I was on my way to seaside heights and ran into a bunch of Camaro and Trans Am's at one of the monthly meets back in the summer of 03 when I first got my Z

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