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COTM: November 2017 Submission Thread

Quick Shoutout for last month's winner, Jersey Mike. Glad to see the car back out in the world after many years of hard work.

Congrats, Mike and thanks for sharing your awesome ride! PM me with the decal color you'd like!!

Now, moving on to this month...

Toss up a picture of your F-Body for us! We'll vote for our favorite at the end of the month, give that car a spot in our COTM archive & send the owner a free NJFBOA decal!

Let's take submissions through Friday, December 1st & open the polls thereafter

Get out there and take advantage of NJ's beautiful fall scenery !
-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee
-1999 Chevy Camaro Z28
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Jersey Mike
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1995 Firebird... Stock-ish.
Originally Posted by LS1ow View Post
Good. He microwaved my phone 6 years ago, i hope his intake erupts.
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1995 Chevy Camaro Z/28 Convertible

Car was purchased in 2001 off of a used car lot while on vacation. Within the first month it got the stripes, chrome 16" Trans Am wheels, a high flow cat/catback, CAI, and a Hypertech programmer. Since then, the only addition has been three-point subframe connectors.

In the meantime, it's been a lovely cruiser, roaming the curvy roads of Northwest NJ and the shoreline.

2006 F*rd Exploder 4x4 V6 l 1995 Z28 Convertible A4 13.78 @ 100 (CAI, high flow cat, catback, 160 thermo, hypertech)
2008 Sea Doo RXT-X 3 cylinders and das boooooost
Originally Posted by BonzoHansen View Post
Is English your 2nd language? Did you graduate high school? Your posts make my head hurt.
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